Useful Links

Pollination by Bees

Honey bees play an important role in the pollination of many crops. Hive management can have a significant effect on pollination. This linked site contains documents which refer to specific crops, as well as pollination services.


Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants

Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants by S.E. McGregor, USDA Originally published 1976.


Toxicity Information for Pesticides

University of Massachusetts Amherst - College of Natural Sciences, Center for Agriculture Food and the Environment

Toxicity information for some pesticides commonly used in small fruits.


Australian Cotton Paddock Awareness Map

Cotton Crop Locations on Google Maps. For use with Mobile devices


Australian BeeConnected

Connecting Farmers, Contractor and Beekeepers. For use with Mobile devices or web based

Effect of Synergism of Chemicals

Effect of mixing 2 or more different bee friendly chemicals


USA EPA Cancellation Order Issued for Sulfoxaflor

Release: November 13, 2015