Welcome to the Crop Pollination Association Inc Website

The Crop Pollination Association Inc (Vic) (CPA) is a non profit organisation with membership primarily drawn from the eastern states of Australia.

The CPA was formed to provide an avenue for beekeepers to share pollination and other related  information. This information can be results of the latest research or the current or intended insecticides being used in the orchard/crop and their effects on honey bees.

The aims of the CPA are to:
  • assist beekeepers to provide a professional Pollination Service.
  • develop and refine a Code of Practice for Assuring the quality of pollination Services for the be nefit of both growers and beekeepers.
  • collect and disseminate information on managed pollination.
  • assist in setting guidelines for crop requirements and stocking rates. 
Another aim is to educate growers on the benefits of a paid pollination service and how to maximise pollination by the paid pollination hives.